Chevrolet sedan SS is equipped with 420-horsepower mechanics

May 7, 2015 at 10:04 pm

“Charged” sedan Chevrolet SS will be available with a six-speed manual transmission and an adaptive suspension Magnetic Ride Control, which changes the stiffness depending on road conditions. Suitable equipment is listed in the official list of equipment 420-strong four-door car of 2015 model year.

Chevrolet sedan SS picture

Chevrolet sedan SS pics

With the new transmission gear ratio of the rear gearbox increased to 3.70, against 3.27 in the version with dedicated six “automatic”. This setup eliminates the manual function remote engine start. It clarifies the issue Autoblog, “Mechanics” will be available for an additional fee, the amount of which has not been revealed.

Chevrolet sedan SS pics

Chevrolet sedan SS image

In addition, the “hot” sedan will be offered with five new exterior colors, another front mount for the license plate, and with a complex satellite communications OnStar, supporting 4G network LTE standard, and able to work as an access point Wi-Fi.
In the US market prices for “charged” sedan will start at 43 thousand 475 dollars.

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