Chevrolet Corvette was equipped with the function “baby monitor”

March 5, 2015 at 4:56 pm

The company has equipped Chevrolet Corvette supercar 2015 model year with a system Valet Mode. It allows you to block the multimedia system, access to niche for its screen and lock the glove box, when the vehicle is handed over to the parking service. New system also allows you to make video and audio recordings of what is happening in the cabin.
“Think of it as a baby monitor for your car. Anyone who is afraid to pass the keys to his car a stranger can be calm, since it will know what is happening with the car in his absence, “- said the representative of the Chevrolet Harlan Charles.

Chevrolet Corvette pics

Chevrolet Corvette image

Plus, owners of “Corvette” will be able to record video laps on the race track. This was made possible thanks to the camera at the top of the windshield. The owner of the supercar will receive telemetry data from each circle with a device Cosworth Toolbox, which provides data in a simplified way for ordinary motorists.
Recorded video can be viewed as just after lap on the screen multimedia system, and the computer by recording with SD-card. On the storage capacity of eight gigabytes can record about 200 hours of video.

Chevrolet Corvette picture

Chevrolet Corvette pics

Chevrolet Corvette supercar current generation debuted in early 2013. The model is equipped with a 466-horsepower gasoline engine V8, which is combined with either a seven-speed manual transmission or a dedicated six “automatic”. From zero to hundred kilometers per hour Coupé accelerates in 3.8 seconds.

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