Chevrolet Volt hybrid will have medium-priced version

March 30, 2015 at 4:23 pm

Concern General Motors will add a production line of a budget version of the hybrid Chevrolet Volt and two other models of other brands. On the issue of new machines and retrofitting plants the company will spend US $ 384 million. This publication reports Automotive News.

Chevrolet Volt picture

Chevrolet Volt pics

Affordable option of Volt will cost the United States about 30 thousand dollars – for four or five thousand cheaper than the current model. To bring down the price, the company will reduce the capacity of a set of lithium-ion batteries (now it is 16.5 kilowatt-hours), but it is not clear how much it is. The total range of the Chevrolet Volt, in which the traditional internal combustion engine is only used to recharge the batteries on the road, at the same time reduced from 610 to 480 kilometers.

Chevrolet Volt pics

Chevrolet Volt image

Novelty should run a series in the late 2015 – early 2016 at the same time with the senior Volt new generation. In Europe, the budget Volt, as now, will be sold as the Opel Ampera. Currently, the base Ampera version is selling with price starting from 34 to 40 thousand euros, depending on in which country is sold.
As for the two new models of GM, which together with the Volt and its version of the budget will be collected at two plants in the United States, sources in the company have so far declined to comment. Familiar with the situation Spare parts for GM Detroit argue that it is a flagship sedan Cadillac and updated version of the model Buick LaCrosse, which in Europe is known as the Opel Insignia.

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