Chevrolet system of predicting vehicle breakdown

March 9, 2015 at 4:10 pm

During the exhibition CES-2015 in Las Vegas, Chevrolet showed a system that is able to advance to anticipate potential problems in the car and inform the owner. Online diagnostics in the coming years will be available for new products of the American brand.
American developers claim that due to an updated system Connected by OnStar 4G Check Engine light will not make the car owner by surprise Chevrolet. New electronic assistant will be able to predict the failure of a component of the machine and notify the driver by e-mail or corporate applications on your smartphone.

Chevrolet  picture

Chevrolet pics

The program diagnoses the car in real time, and sends the data to the “cloud” storage of information on the internet. Information from all sensors in the machine will be further analyzed in computers and on the basis of the study forecasts the possibility of breakage.

Chevrolet   pics

Chevrolet picture

The new technology needs to be improved and more from 2016 features an online diagnostics in a production car will be limited to tracking the state of the battery, fuel pump and starter motor. However, the expansion of opportunities should occur as early as 2017.

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