Chevrolet Corvette will be mid-engined

March 7, 2015 at 5:14 pm

According to the magazine Car & Driver, this arrangement Corvette C8 may appear in 2017. A new era begins with the flagship supercar version ZR1, which will receive its own name Zora.
Vice President of General Motors global development Mark Reuss has confirmed that the development of new products really started. Development trends confirmed GM’s vice president of global development Mark Reuss. It is expected that the ZR1 Zora retain one of the varieties of the current V8, but now it is located directly in front of the rear axle. Aluminum chassis C7 will be substantially revised in the direction of greater rigidity.

Corvette C8 pics

Corvette C8 image

As for the body, the eighth generation of “Corvette” will become even more carbon-fiber than the current seventh. Another candidate for replacement – doors instead of molded fiberglass, they are made from ultra-light carbon composite from the company Plasan (now it provides body panels not only Corvette, and Viper). Suspension with adaptive shock absorbers and magnetic Brembo brakes will remain more or less the same.

Corvette C8 pics

Corvette C8 picture

So, if insiders are not mistaken, the great Chevrolet Corvette is preparing for the biggest revolution in 60-plus years of its history. A mid Zora will cost about $ 150 000.

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