Silverado special edition from Chevrolet and Carhartt brands

November 12, 2016 at 1:22 pm

Chevrolet and Carhartt Company known as a work clothes manufacturer throughout 127 years have decided to join forces and work together on the Silverado’s modification. The result of the collaborative work is a new Silverado 2500HD concept car, which will appear at the Las Vegas SEMA tuning show early November.

The interior view of the special version picture

The interior view of the special version picture

The Chevrolet Silverado show car is distinguishing from the pickup production version in a half-meter LEDs line decorated the front bumper, black bow tie, 20-inch alloy wheels and some elements in tone to Carhartt brand’s color. This is about golden curls, which are Carhartt’s logo that design the car everywhere. There were also used tissue inserts for seats, armrests and door panels finishing. Usually this tissue is used for work clothes. The same material covers a loading platform.

There wer used Carhatt colors for the car's design photo

There wer used Carhatt colors for the car’s design photo

The carmakers did not work only on the concept’s appearance. They paid attention to the power unit of the novelty. Silverado 2500HD show car is the first car that was equipped by the newest 6.6-liter Duramax V8 turbo diesel with the ability to generate 451 horsepower and 1234 Nm of torque. It was found that 90% of torque is available at 1550 rev/min.

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